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Sodium Babies (2009) Free Download

In a small college town, a young girl working on a babysitting job in a rural farm is terrorized throughout the night.

Directors: Jonas Barnes, Michael Manasseri
Writer: Jonas Barnes
Stars: Tina Houtz, Sarah Thompson, Nana Visitor

Movie Storyline

The religious teenager Angie Albright moves to a small town to study Art History in college. She finds a weird roommate and befriends the student and former altar boy Rick. Angie decides to babysit to raise money to buy a bed and she finds an advertisement to work at the distant Stanton Farm in the countryside. She is welcomed by Jim Stanton and his wife Violet that are seeking a babysitter for their son Sam and they make arrangements for Friday night. Meanwhile Angie has the sensation that someone is stalking her and she goes to the police station and reports to Chief Dinneli. On Friday night, Angie's car breaks and Rick gives a ride to Angie to go to the farm. When she is alone with Sam, a stranger breaks in the farmhouse and Angie saves Sam from the man. Soon she learns that she is in the house of evil and nothing is like she thought it would be.

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Movie Reviews

What initially looks like being a usual babysitter-in-peril style slasher soon turns into something else in this 2008 horror movie. Unfortunately, that something else – achieved via a hulking plot twist that takes place around halfway through – is far from good. Instead, it's cheesy and smells faintly ridiculous, failing to really add much to the movie in the way that you'd expect.

Things start out on a clich├ęd path with a pretty young college student accepting a job at a remote, run-down looking farmhouse. From that point in, it's all predictable false alarms and jump scares as the camera prowls around outside, of course there are some dodgy phone calls and the lead actress does her best to look terrified. After that, the film turns into something like a retread of THE OMEN, only done more obviously and without the same taste and refinement as that movie.

The filmmakers throw in some torture scenes in a bid to appeal to that particular market, but the effect is muted and lacks the kind of stomach-churning queasiness that other torture films like HOSTEL brought to the table. In the end, it all feels rather low budget and lacklustre, as if the directors feel like they've gone all out in making a really good movie when in fact this is a tired and predictable outing that covers familiar ground for the zillionth time in a row.

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